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Power Rankings (week 8)

October 22, 2008 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Tennessee Titans 6-0 Rushed for a franchise record 332 yards in Arrowhead.
2. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-1 Last time they lost in Cincinnati was December 2001. LeBeau was the Bengals head coach. Roethlisberger won for the 11th straight time in Ohio.
3. 3. New York Giants 5-1 Plaxico soap opera rages on.
4. 6. Buffalo Bills 5-1 Helped by the Week off that allowed Edwards to recover from his concussion.
5. 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-2 Steady play from Garcia is complimenting the defense.
6. 7. Washington Redskins 5-2 Consistency is not their forte. Even they are unlikely to have a letdown big enough to lose to the Lions.
7. 8. Carolina Panthers 5-2 Rebounded big after an off game against the Bucs.
8. 15. New England Patriots 4-2 Won the battle over the Broncos in convincing fashion. May have lost the war with season ending injuries to Harrison and Maroney.
9. 10. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-3 Next 3 opponents have a grand total of 2 wins. Both by this week's opponent the Browns. That should help them get healthy even more than the bye week.
10. 13. Arizona Cardinals 4-2 Pathetic NFC West is theirs for the taking.
11. 19. Green Bay Packers 4-3 Rodgers has proven himself and now the defense gets an extra week to get healthy.
12. 9. Dallas Cowboys 4-3 Romo likely won't be back until after the bye. Games against the Bucs and Giants with Johnson at the helm could leave them reeling.
13. 20. Chicago Bears 4-3 Defense springing holes just as the offense is starting to improve.
14. 4. Indianapolis Colts 3-3 Manning had a misserable day in Lambeau getting picked twice for touchdowns. Could become an afterthought in October for the first time in a long time if they can't pull an upset on Monday night in Nashville.
15. 21. Baltimore Ravens 3-3 Finally won a game against a team from outside the state of Ohio.
16. 16. Philadelphia Eagles 3-3 Westbrook returns after the bye. Need him to stay healthy.
17. 18. Atlanta Falcons 4-2 Probably deserve more credit than I am giving them.
18. 11. Denver Broncos 4-3 Cutler never recovered from the finger injury he sustained on the first play of the game. The offense needs to be firing on all cylinders because the defense is abysmal. And it only gets worth with Bailey suffering a torn groin.
19. 12. New York Jets 3-3 Favre's inability to get the ball downfield is perplexing.
20. 14. San Diego Chargers 3-4 Denver's struggles give them hope. Business trip from San Diego to Buffalo to London does not seem appealing.
21. 17. New Orleans Saints 3-4 Can not afford a let down by Brees with Bush out of the lineup.
22. 25. Houston Texans 2-4 Appear to be back on the right track. Games against the Dolphins and Lions will do that for you. Playing the Bengals next doesn't hurt.
23. 28. St. Louis Rams 2-4 Jackson continued his resurgence with Haslett at the helm.
24. 22. Cleveland Browns 2-4 Excitement from Monday night did not carry over. Have to be concerned about the play of Anderson and Edwards.
25. 23. Minnesota Vikings 3-4 Haunted by the decision to not bring in a better option at QB than Jackson or Frerotte.
26. 30. Oakland Raiders 2-4 Cable became the second coach in 2 weeks to end up in OT by calling a time out on a last second field goal that was originally missed and then made. Whisenhunt came out OK with a blocked punt for a TD. Cable was just as lucky when Janikowski hit a franchise record 57 yarder.
27. 26. Miami Dolphins 2-4 The league has caught up to the wildcat.
28. 24. San Fransisco 49ers 2-5 Kidding themselves if they think firing Nolan solves any of their problems.
29. 27. Seattle Seahawks 1-5 Packed it in already.
30. 29. Cincinnati Bengals 0-7 Fought hard for almost 50 minutes until a 50 yard TD pass to Washington put them behind by 14 and took the wind out of their sails.
31. 31. Kansas City Chiefs 1-5 Croyle and Huard are out. LJ has again been accused of striking a woman in a nightclub. Just a total disaster both on and off the field.
32. 32. Detriot Lions 0-6 Still playing hard for Marinelli. Talent just isn't up to par.

*Last week's ranking
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