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A Look at Some Late Round Draft Prospects

April 01, 2001 by Steel Hammer

Some of my favorite prospects, you probably haven�t heard of:

Some of my favorite late round prospects you probably haven�t heard of:


Everybody�s heard of Michael Vick and David Terrell; it�s those guys drafted in the 6th and 7th round that often have us asking �who?� Some of those guys go on to be the Greg Lloyd�s of the world and others, well others end up in the XFL. Here�s a look at a few of my favorite late round prospects you probably haven�t heard of, (in no particular order):


  • Cleveland Pickney DT SouthCarolina 6�2��� 290�� 5.07, Good run stuffer, decent bull rush, and all out effort, but short arms and limited lateral movement. A two down player.


  • Ross Kolodziej DE Wisconsin 6�3�2904.78, Awesome work out numbers, bland production numbers. Built like DT, but speed of DE � perfect for 3-4 DE. Will a paycheck motivate?


  • Ed Wilder FB Georgia Tech 6�2� 255 4.90 Smash-mouth blocker, little else.


  • David Mitchell CB Ohio State 6�1� 1954.50� also played some FS. Experienced Thrown at a lot due to Nate Clemmons presence at other CB spot. Did well.


  • David Brandt C Michigan 6�4� 297 -Overlooked because of others on Wolverines O-line.


  • DeAngelo Evans RB Emporia St. 5�92214.65 � Nebraska transfer.


  • Carey Scott CB Kentucky 5�11� 2084.39 � has the size and speed, but can he be taught to play the game?


  • Merceda Perry ILB North Carolina 6�1� 2414.73 � He hasn�t been spectacular, but N.C. has become a LB factory & he has good size & speed, so is worth a look.


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