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Stillers Extend Hines Ward

September 08, 2001 by Still Mill


Stillers Extend Ward

In a move of imbecilic stupidity and poor foresight, the Stillers extended WR Hines Ward with a new extension.In terms of "new money," the extension is worth about $9.5 million and includes a $2.5 million signing bonus.

Here's why this was a foolish move:

In the Stillers offense, and with Ward's bare minimum of game-breaking skills, Ward was NOT going to put up eye-catching numbers.�� Had he entered FA in March, about 2 teams would have shown light, casual interest in Ward --- as a complementary #2 receiver.�� You extend players who are ripe to get lavished with gold-mine offers -- players like EARL HOLMES.��� The team has gone out of its way to extend some decent, but hardly sought-after players, all the while ignoring Earl Holmes, who will be a very highly sought-after player come March.�� Holmes -- a premier ILB and defensive LEADER -- should be the guy the team should target, not a complimentary player like Ward.�� Remember, if Holmes departs as a FA, you now have a GAPING hole at ILB, and you've got to either reach high in the draft, or make a trade or a signing of a veteran ILB.�� (Mike Jones is surely no starting ILB.)��� If Ward departs as a FA, a 3rd round draft choice or low-priced FA simply steps in as the #2 or #3 WR.

Ward is a nice complimentary #2 or #3 receiver...nothing more.�� He could have easily been re-signed, or, if he departed, one of about 47 other complimentary receivers would have been available, as would Bobby Shaw, a guy who put up as good of numbers, if not better, than Ward in '00, despite getting far less playing time.Go check out the Raider depth chart, for example...Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, James Jett, Jerry Porter.�� Oakland wouldn�t offer more than about $600K for Hines, and if Hines accepted it, he�d be fighting with ex-Stiller David Dunn for the #5 spot on their WR depth chart.Go check out the Ram depth chart, where they have 4 receivers who are all better than Hines Ward.

The key to working capanomics is recognizing supply and demand.When you have a 1-of-a-kind player who is low in supply and high in demand, then you basically overpay him and extend him as soon as possible.In the case of the opposite -- a 79-of-a-kind player who is high in supply and low in demand, ya lowball him and avoid extensions unless the player is willing to accept a relatively low salary.��


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