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Power Rankings (week 6)

October 14, 2009 by Steel Haven

1.1.New York Giants5-0Bradshaw has already made them forget Ware and is trying to make them forget Jacobs.
2.2.New Orleans Saints4-0Beat the Jets with defense before the bye. Need Brees to break his streak of 2 games without a TD pass against the tougher team from Jersey.
3.3.Indianapolis Colts5-0Harrison. Gonzalez. Collie. Doesn't matter to Manning.
4.4.Minnesota Vikings5-0Favre is doing his job by making opponents pay for crowding the line to take away Purple Jesus.
5.7.Denver Broncos5-0The pupil has defeated the master sooner than anyone could have possibly expected.
6.8.Atlanta Falcons3-1Domination of Niners defense after trip cross country to San Fransisco was an eye opener.
7.10.Philadelphia Eagles3-1Reid remains undefeated in the regular season after a bye.
8.13.Cincinnati Bengals4-1How did Maualuga fall to the second round?
9.5.New England Patriots3-2The overtime loss in Denver was the first of Brady's career.
10.11.Chicago Bears3-1So far have overcome the loss of Urlacher. That might not be as easy in Atlanta against Ryan, Turner and company.
11.14.Pittsburgh Steelers3-2Loss of Smith for the season is a significant blow to the defense.
12.6.Baltimore Ravens3-2Benson ended their streak of holding running backs under 100 yards at 39 games.
13.9.New York Jets3-2Ryan's vaunted defense was steamrolled by the wildcat and picked apart by Henne.
14.15.San Diego Chargers2-2Couldn't have been happy watching the Broncos take a 2.5 game lead in the division as they sat at home during their bye.
15.16.Dallas Cowboys3-2Ware finally got his first sack of the season after totaling 20 last year.
16.18.Arizona Cardinals2-2Warner joins Tarkenton as the only QBs to throw for over 13,000 yards for two different teams.
17.17.Green Bay Packers2-2Resigned Tauscher to help on the right side of the offensive line. Need Clifton back in the worst way on the left side.
18.12.San Fransisco 49ers3-2Defense collapsed giving up 340 yards to the Falcons in the first half.
19.21.Miami Dolphins2-3Remained undefeated in orange. The wildcat kept the Jets off balance. Henne's arm strength and accuracy put a dagger in their hearts.
20.26.Seattle Seahawks2-3Outscoring opponents 69-0 when Hasselbeck plays the entire game.
21.19.Jacksonville Jaguars2-3Visiting Rams are the perfect salve for the pain inflicted on them in Seattle.
22.20.Houston Texans2-3Can't seem to get over the hump after finishing at .500 for the last 2 seasons.
23.25.Carolina Panthers1-3Peppers finally woke up. Wonder if they will try to trade him by the deadline this coming Tuesday?
24.28.Cleveland Browns1-4Won despite Anderson playing the whole game and finishing the day 2 of 17 for 23 yards, an interception and 15.1 rating.
25.22.Washington Redskins2-3Reportedly contacted Shanahan about taking the head coaching job and were immediately turned down before blowing a 17-2 lead in Carolina.
26.23.Tennessee Titans0-5Is it time to give VY another chance?
27.24.Buffalo Bills1-4Firing Jauron now would be the humane thing to do.
28.27.Detriot Lions1-4Competative. Need Stafford back. Culpepper seems to find a way to lose despite putting up decent numbers.
29.29.Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-5Johnson has shown flashes. Now he needs to reduce mistakes.
30.30.Oakland Raiders1-4Quote of the weekend: Darrius Heyward-Bey has more names than catches. -- Chris Berman.
31.31.Kansas City Chiefs0-5Have some hope against a Redskins team that has given the Lions and Panthers their only wins of the season.
32.32.St. Louis Rams0-5Could a team go winless for a second straight season? If they are 0-8 heading into the bye (a stretch which includes a game in Detroit) it is a definite possibility given the difficulty of their schedule afterwards.

*Last week's ranking
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