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Second Guessing the Draft

April 24, 2001 by Steel Hammer

The other day I was looking through some old files and ran across my draft selections for the past several years (the guys I thought the Steelers should have drafted)

Since 1996I�ve been second guessing the Steelers draft. Each year as the draft unfolds, I select a player who I believe would be the best pick for the Steelers at the position the Steelers actually draft. In other words, I�m stuck with their trades and draft position. I don�t try to figure out what would happen if I traded picks even though I often would like to trade because it adds to many variables. Further, if I don�t take the player the Steelers actually take, he can�t be picked later.


Here�s my picks from this year:


Who I think the Steelers should have picked & who I would have taken in the 2001 draft


1st round pick #19

Casey Hampton DT Texas (Brees was tempting. Real world I would have tried to trade up later for him.)


2nd round pick #39

Kendrell BellLB Georgia


4th round pick #111

Carlos PolkLBNebraska (Thought about Ben Hamilton, but Hartings is signed & Holmes will be a UFA)


5th round pick #146

Brandon WineyOTLSU


6th round pick #181

Carey ScottCB Kentucky State


6th round pick #182

DanAlexanderFBNebraska(DT Mario Monds looked good, but Alexander allows us to cut Witman)


7th round pick #218

Ross KolodjziejDEWisconsin






If you scroll down, you�ll find a roster of the players I�ve �drafted� since 1996. Keep in mind that I was drafting for the actual Steelers needs each year. Therefore, I have 4 FBs on the roster, etc. Another interesting aspect of this roster, is that it shows where I thought we have had a need for the past several years.Obviously the D-line was one of those areas, since I drafted 11 players there, most of whom would best be described as big run stuffers.Obviously if I were drafting for this pretend team, my drafts would have changed some.I realize the roster is a bit thin at spots (like no TEs), but that�s because I felt it wasn�t a big need for the Steelers or would be better addressed in free agency. Obviously, I could have gone back and weeded out some of my busts (Staat, Howard, Finkes, etc) and claimed to have know that Zach Thomas would be a stud, but what�s the point in that.Let me know what you think.



QB: ������� Chad Pennington QB Marshall

��������������� Joe Germaine QB OSU

WR: ��������������� D�Wayne Bates WR Northwestern

Laveranues Coles WR FSU

E.G. Green WR FSU

Mike Adams WR Texas

Dietrich JellsWR Pittsburgh

��������������� Michael Wiley WR/RB/KR OSU

RB:��������� Jerome Bettis RB Notre Dame

��������������� Chris Fuamati-Ma�afala RB Utah

FB:��������� Mike AlstottFB Purdue

��������������� Cecil Martin FB Wisconsin

��������������� DanAlexanderFBNebraska

��������������� Steve Lee FB Indiana

TE: �������� None selected since 1996

LT: �������� John Tait OT BYU

Marvel Smith OT Arizona State

Brandon WineyOTLSU

RT:��������� Jason FabiniRT Cincinnati

��������������� Jason Odom OT Florida

Jamie NailsRT Florida A&M
G:����������� Darnell Alford OT/G Boston College

Benji OlsonGWashington

��������������� Scott ShawG Michigan State

C:����������� Mike MalanoC/GSan Diego State

��������������� Aaron Taylor C/G Nebraska

��������������� Dusty ZieglerCNotre Dame



CB:��������� Chad Scott CB Maryland

��������������� Carey ScottCB Kentucky State

��������������� Michael Hawthorne CB Purdue

��������������� Deshea Townsend CB Alabama

��������������� Ty Howard CB OSU

SS:��������� Ray FarmerSDuke

FS:��������� Tony GeorgeS Florida

OLB:������ Sam Cowart LBFSU

Gary Stills OLB West Virginia

Carlos Emmons OLB Arkansas State

��������������� Kory Minor LB Notre Dame

ILB: ������� Earl Holmes LB Florida A&M

��������������� Kendrell BellLB Georgia

��������������� Brandon Short LB PSU

��������������� Carlos PolkLBNebraska

Chad Kelsay LB Nebraska

��������������� Matt Finkes DE/LB OSU

DL: �������� Jason Ferguson DT Georgia

Casey Hampton DT Texas

Christian PeterDT Nebraska

Brandon MitchellDETexas A&M

Jason Wiltz DT Nebraska

Steve Warren NT Nebraska

Ross KolodjziejDEWisconsin

Jeremy Staat DEArizona State

Antonio Dingle DT Virginia

Angel RubioDTS.E. Missouri State

Kerry Hicks DL/LBColorado



K: ���������� Jeff Hall K Tennessee

P: ����������� None Selected since 1996






Here�s the order of the rest of the picks:



Who I think the Steelers should have picked & who I would have taken in the 2000 draft

1st round pick #8

Chad Pennington QB Marshall


2nd round pick #38

Marvel Smith OT Arizona State


3rd round pick #72

Steve Warren NT Nebraska


3rd round pick #77

Laveranues Coles WR FSU


4th round pick #103

Brandon Short LB PSU


5th round pick #137

Michael Wiley WR/RB/KR OSU


5th roundpick #163

Michael Hawthorne CB Purdue


6th round pick # 173

Darnell Alford OT/G Boston College


6th round pick #204

Mike MalanoC/GSan Diego State


Who I think the Steelers should have picked & who I would have taken in the 1999 draft


1st round pick #13

John Tait OT BYU


2nd round pick #59

D�Wayne Bates WR Northwestern


3rd round pick #73

Gary Stills OLB West Virginia


3rd round pick #74

Tony GeorgeS Florida


3rd round pick #95

Joe Germaine QB OSU


4th round pick #109

Jason Wiltz DT Nebraska


5th round pick #136

Cecil Martin FB Wisconsin


5th round pick #166

Jeff Hall K Tennessee


7th round pick #214

Antonio Dingle DT Virginia


7th round pick #219

Chad Kelsay LB Nebraska


7th round pick #228

Kory Minor LB Notre Dame


Who I think the Steelers should have picked & who I would have taken in the 1998 draft


1st round pick #26

Sam Cowart LBFSU


2nd round pick #41

Jeremy Staat DEArizona State


3rd round pick #66

E.G. Green WR FSU


3rd round pick #92

Jason FabiniRT Cincinnati


4th round pick #117

Deshea Townsend CB Alabama


4th round pick #123

Benji OlsonGWashington


5th round pick #137

Scott ShawG Michigan State


6th round pick #178

Chris Fuamati-Ma�afala RB Utah


6th round pick #186

Aaron Taylor C/G Nebraska


7th round pick #221

Angel RubioDTS.E. Missouri State


Who I think the Steelers should have picked & who I would have taken in the 1997 draft


1st round pick #24

Chad Scott CB Maryland


2nd round pick #53

Brandon MitchellDETexas A&M


3rd round pick #82

Ty Howard CB OSU


3rd round pick #91

Jamie NailsRT Florida A&M


5th round pick #154

Steve Lee FB Indiana


6th round pick #186

Matt Finkes DE/LB OSU


6th round pick #199

Jason Ferguson DT Georgia


7th round pick #223

Mike Adams WR Texas






Who I think the Steelers should have picked & who I would have taken in the 1996 draft


1st round pick #29

Mike AlstottFB Purdue


2nd round pick #59

Traded to Rams for Jerome Bettis RB Notre Dame


3rd round pick #72

Jason Odom OT Florida


3rd round pick #92

Ray FarmerSDuke


4th round pick #126

Earl Holmes LB Florida A&M


4th round pick #132

Christian PeterDT Nebraska


5th round pick #163

Dietrich JellsWR Pittsburgh


6th round pick #202

Dusty ZieglerCNotre Dame


6th round pick #203

Kerry Hicks DL/LBColorado


7th round pick #242

Carlos Emmons OLB Arkansas State





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