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Titans Snatch Another from Steelers

November 06, 2000 by Steel Tank

The Steelers cannot, it seems, stand any sort of prosperity for too long

The Steelers cannot, it seems, stand any sort of prosperity for too long. Penalties, Poorly thrown balls, receivers dropping passes right in their gut and lackluster coaching decisions haunted this team all day Sunday.

I thought Kordell would "Seize the Day", relax and have a great game. I thought Kordell would actually step up in the pocket to do more than just bury his head and run. I thought he would show signs of a maturing QB. I thought Kordell could scan at least two receivers and dump the ball off if they were covered. I thought he would look over his options at least once Sunday� I thought, at the very least, there would be a true play-action pass, like the ones even mediocre college QBs use to freeze the LBs and safeties.

I was wrong.

I thought the receivers would be focused and eager to prove their worth. I thought Burress would be able to make the kind of catches that I see plenty of receivers in this league make from time to time. I thought Edwards was just in a slump and would propel himself back into a starting role. I thought Ward would take on this challenge from Edwards and excel at running good routes and making routine catches. I thought, at the very least, the Steeler passing game could handle the very ordinary ten yard down and outs that most high schools execute with success on a regular basis.

I was wrong.

I thought the coaching staff would have fired up the passing game and would challenge them to perform better. I thought this challenge would be accepted. I thought that the coaches knew that they are a running team and would pound the ball unmercifully all day. I thought they would understand that the defense couldn�t possibly play the whole game.

I was wrong.

I thought, at the moment of truth, there would not be a "false start" by Tharpe, who should be taken to the North Side and left for dead somewhere in the dark alleys of Hood-town. I thought the coaches would have learned by the end of the game not to give Mason 20 yard cushions � especially on the final drive. I thought the coaches would allow the defense to win this game by pressuring McNair with unique schemes and multiple blitz packages in the second half. I thought the coaching staff realized what it took to win in close games against the leader of your division.

I was wrong.


Well, even thought there are so many things I was wrong about in this game � the Steelers almost pulled it off. They had the Titans on a 4th and 8 late in the game � they failed to hold them. But don�t blame the defense or Washington in particular � the Titans simply found a weakness and exploited it again and again.

This is the difference in the win today � good coaching over, well, average coaching.

The Titans really know how to win � the Steelers are still learning at this point.

All is not lost, the Jets, Chiefs and Colts all lost yesterday � this is good. The Jets and Indy must play twice this year yet and face the Buff Bills, the Chiefs don�t have an easy road in either while the Steelers could very easily finish 10-6 and make the playoffs. The Steelers could also quite possibly upset someone because of their strong defense in the playoffs.

That someone could be the Titans.


Steel Tank.




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