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Power Rankings (Week 17)

January 01, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.1.Indianapolis Colts14-1Shula, Griese, Morris, Buoniconti and their teamates can break out the champagne thanks to Caldwell's decision to bench Manning in the third quarter. Painter was not ready as Manning the elder fumed on the sidelines. Caldwell and the front office have learned nothing from past seasons when shutting down at the end of the regular season resulted in disappointment in the post season.
2.3.San Diego Chargers12-3Locked in as the 2 seed in the AFC.
3.4.Philadelphia Eagles11-4Still have a shot at a bye thanks to a last second kick by Akers after blowing a 17 point 2nd half lead.
4.2.New Orleans Saints13-2Blew a 17 point lead for the first time in 20 years at home to the lowly Bucs. A pair of back-to-back home losses has to have bruised their psyche even though the Vikings loss allowed them to clinch home field in the NFC.
5.6.New England Patriots10-5Brady, Moss and Welker are firing on all cylinders. Are 3 players enough to win playoff games?
6.7.Arizona Cardinals10-5Warner joined Tarkenton as the only QBs to throw 100 TD passes for 2 different teams.
7.5.Minnesota Vikings11-4Shockingly now need help to get a bye.
8.8.Cincinnati Bengals10-5Clinched the division in uninspiring fashion.
9.9.Green Bay Packers10-5Rodgers' fantasy owners couldn't have been happy that 5 of their TDs in a blowout win came on the ground.
10.10.Dallas Cowboys10-5Romo and Phillips finally had a December to remember.
11.15.Pittsburgh Steelers8-7Dug themselves too big a hole with inexplicable losses to the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns. Division and conference records means they are unlikely to win any tie breakers except head-to-head with the Broncos.
12.12.Baltimore Ravens8-7Broncos loss means they still control their own destiny despite penalties and turnovers that cost them in Pittsburgh.
13.13.Denver Broncos8-7Came all the way back from a 2nd half 17 point deficit only to fall short in the final seconds. Remember when they were 6-0? No longer control their own destiny.
14.16.Houston Texans8-7Remain the only team the Dolphins have never beaten.
15.19.Atlanta Falcons8-7A win in Tampa would give them the first back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history.
16.20.New York Jets8-7Beat the Bengals, make the playoffs. Benefiting greatly from the Colts and Bengals having little or nothing to play for in the final 2 weeks.
17.14.Tennessee Titans7-8Johnson topped 100 yards rushing for the 10th straight game and is only 74 yards short of Faulk's single season record for total yards from scrimmage.
18.21.Carolina Panthers7-8Moore making a strong push to be considered their QB of the future with big time performances in consecutive wins against the Vikings and Giants.
19.11.New York Giants8-7Inexplicable blowout loss in their final home game at Giants stadium combined with Cowboys win over the Redskins shockingly ends their season. Only the fifth team since the merger to start 5-0 and not make the playoffs.
20.22.San Fransisco 49ers7-8Singletary should get to .500 in his first season with the Rams left on the schedule. Not a bad accomplishment.
21.17.Miami Dolphins7-8On life support.
22.18.Jacksonville Jaguars7-8Bounced from contention by back-to-back losses in Indianapolis and Foxboro.
23.24.Chicago Bears6-9Unleashed Cutler and reaped the rewards.
24.27.Cleveland Browns4-11Making a push to save Mangini's job with 3 straight wins.
25.23.Oakland Raiders5-10Janikowski's 61 yard FG was the only highlight of their day.
26.25.Buffalo Bills5-10Brohm was no worse than Edwards or Fitzpatrick. That is not a ringing endorsement.
27.28.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-12Only the second team with 12 or more losses to defeat a team with 13 or more wins in league history. Did Morris save his job? Cowher to Tampa rumors were running rampant before Sunday.
28.26.Washington Redskins4-11Meyer taking a leave of absence instead of retiring paves the way for Shanahan to the Skins. Gainesville was a legitimate contender without Meyer changing his mind.
29.29.Seattle Seahawks5-10Need to find long term replacements for Hasselbeck and Jones which of course won't be easy.
30.30.Kansas City Chiefs3-12Investment in Cassel looking more and more like a mistake.
31.31.Detriot Lions2-13Tough to win with 6 turnovers.
32.32.St. Louis Rams1-14Passing on Suh won't be easy. After watching Null play the last couple of weeks they may need to take a QB anyway.

*Last week's ranking
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