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Draft overnight

April 21, 2001 by Steel Phantom

Draft day one 2001 is done

Draft day one 2001 is done.I think the FO is to be congratulated for their work today.Moving down in the 1st and up in the 2nd got to where value is located this year.I like Hampton; after Warren and Seymour, Casey was #3 on my 3-4 list.Kendrell Bell is a high quality MLB; had the Stillers stuck at #50, I�m fairly confident that the 49ers would have taken him, rather than Jamie Winborn at #47.�� Following is an outline of some prospects still on the board; the needs here are strictly from my wish list.


4th round: Players who carried higher ratings but fell through.


OT/G:A need position with a lot of depth remaining.


����������� Elliot Silvers, Washington:19 reps, too weak.

����������� Marques Sullivan, Illinois

����������� Kenyatta Jones, South Florida: Combine wonder.

����������� Brandon Winey, LSU

����������� Chad Ward, Washington: a road-grader whose stock has fallen.


����������� Note:OC Robert Garza is still available.


SS:Hakim Akbar, carried a 2nd/3rd rating but this is not a position of need.15 CB are gone; the rest are fairly marginal prospects.At this point, if the Stillers draft a CB, it will be to replace Simmons, not DW, in 2002.Note: Last night, I thought I saw that Arizona had taken DT AL Wilson in the top of the 3rd.Evidently not, SS Adrian Wilson was the Cardinal pick




����������� DE Cedric Scott:I still don�t see this player.

����������� DT Mario Fatafehi:Good value at #112.

����������� NT Mario Monds:Maybe 5th but won�t be there.

����������� DE Ennis Davis:A long fall.


Run-stuffing MLB:3 of 4 of the top Stiller MLB are coverage players.


MLB Carlos Polk:Would be a 4th round value but depth at OLB might be a larger issue.

����������� MLB Brandon Spoon:As Polk.


OLB:It�s a long way from Porter/Gildon to Clark Haggans.


����������� OLB:Orlando Huff:Does project as a strong-side player.

����������� OLB/DE: Karon Riley, rush-backer.


Speed late:



Jon Carter, Troy State.

Alan Bannister, Eastern Kentucky

����������� Kevin Kasper, Iowa

����������� John Capel, FSU.




����������� Curtis Fuller, Texas Christian(4.44 at the Combine)

����������� Corey Hall, Appalachian State (4.47 at the Combine)

����������� Harold Blackmon, Northwestern (4.51 at the Combine)

����������� Jimmy Williams, Vanderbilt (4.58 at Combine)

����������� Scott Carey, Kentucky State(poor 4.62 at the Combine)

����������� Kenneth Grant, Kentucky����� (4.53 at the Combine)

Dyshod Carter, Kansas State. (no invitation to the Combine)




����������� Chris Edmonds, WVU

����������� Brady McDonnell, Colorado

����������� Roland Seymour, FSU

����������� Monty Beisel, Kansas State.Poor 40, good shuttle, makes plays.


DE late:


����������� Fred Wakefield, Illinois

����������� Daleroy Stewart, Southern Miss. A workout warrior with a single digit Wonderlic.






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