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Break Down by Player of the Atlanta Preseason Game

August 04, 2001 by Steel Hammer

Kordell Stewart � 2 of 7 for 14 yards


3 and out in the first 2 series. The starters struggled. The Steelers managed just 43 yards in the first half, but the back ups accounted for 218 in the second half. Somebody needs to tell Mularky that it is not about simplification, it is about execution.

The O came out in a 2 TE, single RB set. They didn�t look comfortable in it. Out RBs need a FB, but we don�t have a healthy one at this time.



Kordell Stewart � 2 of 7 for 14 yards. Inaccurate. Couldn�t move the team.

Kent Graham � He must be the only guy in America that doesn�t realize he is slow because he�s still trying to run for yards. Didn�t look worth the money the Steelers are paying him. Lots of low throws. Threw a duck straight to a DB who dropped it. UGLY 4 of 11 for 35 yards. Should be demoted.

Tommy Maddox � Continued his good play from XFL. Sure it was against 2nd & 3rd string players, but they are still a couple of notches above XFL players. Led Steelers to consecutive scoring drives. Two series equaled two scores, a FG and a TD pass.6 of 10 for 78 yards and a TD pass to Burress. Passer rating for the game was 117.9. Even Cowher admitted he was the most effective guy out there. Burress also said Maddox was fired up when he got in the game despite the score at the time. He was a leader in the huddle and most accurate QB on roster. Should be #2 QB against Vikes in 2 weeks.

Tee Martin- Continued what Maddox started. Nice 18 yard run for a TD. 6 of 9 for 53 yards. Passer rating for the game was 85.



None of them showed any hands. As a group they can�t even catch a screen pass. Bettis, Fu & Amos all dropped at least 1 pass.

Bettis � 3 carries for 6 yards. Dropped a pass.

Amos - Ran well in the 2nd half against the Falcons scrubs. 54 yards on 7 carries. Dropped a screen pass. Had a nice 22 yard scamper off a pitch. Looked so-so verse ATL�s starters, but shined against back ups.

Fu � Called for illegal chop block.



Tuman � missed key block that got Stewart creamed.

Geason � had a nice 12 yard grab from Maddox.

Cushing � played some FB also. Didn�t do much.



Dropped passes all over the place.

Ward � solid, but unspectacular game. Led 1st half Pitt Rushers with 11 yards.

Shaw � 2 drops. What happened to his reliable hands?

Edwards � had a nice catch and run, but was called back by a Burress penalty

Burress � Called for illegal clip block negating big Edwards run. Seemed to have some chemistry with Maddox. 3 rec. for 53 yards and a touchdown.

Taylor � Dropped one. Too bad they outlawed stick�em.

Tim Baker � nice game. 10 yard reception from Maddox set up 1st FG.

Provitt � had a reception and played OK on special teams.



The starting unit looked terrible. Where was the run blocking? Allowed Kordell to be sacked twice and Graham once.

Hartings � needs more work at center position.

Feneca � did not play. Was held out due to off season wrist surgery.

Mylinski � Started for Feneca. No Push. Left game with dislocated finger.

Okobi � flashed potential, but had some trouble with snap exchange and pulling.

Keydrick Vincent � called for holding.

Larry Tharpe - called for false start. Dropped a batted pass.

Marvel Smith � had trouble keeping Falcons out of back field.



Starters could not stop the run and were passed on with regularity giving up 217 yards in the first half. 74 of those yards came on the opening drive. The Starters played soft especially up the middle and as a group over pursued. SteelerDBs were giving big cushions. The back ups only gave up 85 yards in the second half.



Clancy � worthless. Can not plug the middle. Atlanta ran right at him in the first half. We are going to need to find another NT to back up Hampton.

Hampton � Got some push, but was also faked out some by misdirection plays. Doesn�t seem ready to start yet, but is already better than Clancy. Held point of attack OK against Falcon starters and got some push.

Kimo � Seemed to be playing out of place, but still has time to make the adjustment. Called for off sides.

Smith � Called for off sides. Didn�t do much.

Bailey � Surprised. Used Hampton�s push to his advantage and got a sack. Always around ball.



Porter � called for off sides once, but otherwise had a nice game. The lone bright spot of starting D.

Kendrell Bell � 6 tackles and 2 sacks. On one of the sacks he just ran over the RB. Just all over the field. Should be the starter.

Haggans - beat in coverage, but TE dropped pass. Was also called for illegal formation on a punt because he lined up too far off the ball.

Jones � Hard to say because Clancy played so poorly in front of him. Didn�t show me much.

Fiala � Outplayed Jones. Notched a sack.

Gildon � Got held on an early play and whined about it for the rest of the game resulting in him doing jack squat. Hey Jason, that ain�t leadership.



Scott �dropped an INT & got beat deep for 26 yards by Martin setting up first TD.

Simmons - tackling well. Had a nice game, but bruised back.

Townsend - made nice INT in last minute of 1st half.

Poteat - beat in end zone, but Zeier misfired. Poteat dropped an INT. Was beat by Bakers in last 90 seconds of 1st half. Doesn�t look to be ready to be dime back.

Adrian Sadler � had an excellent game. Even caused a fumble but Steelers missed 3 chances to fall on it.



Logan � played well, but missed some opportunities to make big, game breaking plays, including an INT.

Battles � continues to play bigger than his size.



Kendrell Bell - rang own bell on opening kick off.

Haggans -illegal formation results in punt being called back

Wayne Stukes - off sides on Kick off.

Kris Brown � improved kick off depth. Made all his attempts.

Miller � Strong as usual.

Mike Schneck � All snaps were good.



Porter, Bell, Maddox, Brown�s kick offs.

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