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Coach Krzyzewski, on Why He Has Been Successful

March 28, 2001 by Still Mill

Coach Krzyzewski, on why he�s been successful

Coach Krzyzewski, on why he�s been successful

I hope Stiller fans heard Coach K. being interviewed by CBS at about 6:10 PM EST Sunday during halftime of the AZ-Illinois game.

They asked him something like, "Coach, how have you been able to have this kind of success from year to year for so many years?"

His reply: "I CHANGE my SYSTEM to FIT the PLAYERS. Upperclassmen depart & new players come in and we have to adjust our system to fit the players. And DURING the season, we ALSO ADJUST the system based on the development and PROGRESS of the players."

BINGO !!!!!!!! Hat's off to Coach K!!!!

No wonder he's probably the greatest modern-day college hoops coach since Wooden. He has SENSE enough to change and adjust based on what he has to work with! Contrast this to Little Billy Cowher, who INSISTS on running the 3-4 defense despite UNSURMOUNTABLE voids in the kind of players ya need to make it work. THIS is what makes Coach K. great, and what makes Cowher the imbecile that he has been ever since 1998.

This ability to adapt and change is what makes the world�s best corporations the strong firms that they are. IBM used to specialize in making & selling adding machines and typewriters. Imagine where they�d be if that were all they still made in today�s environment. Honda started out making small engines, and then adapted their skills many years later to also making automobiles. It wasn�t until a decade ago that Hewlett Packard ventured into the home-printer market, which they now have an enormous piece of. A hundred years ago, people made an awful lot of money making & selling wagon wheels, buggy whips, and horseshoes. Twenty-five years later, these people were essentially out of work.

The only thing that remains constant is change. But in the warped world of Little Billy Cowher -- the boy who never outgrew pounding a square peg into a round hole -- the only thing that remains constant is an asinine, childish refusal to change.


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