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Stillers-Chefs Pregame Outlook

December 17, 1999 by Still Mill

Stiller-Chefs Pre-game Outlook

Stiller-Chefs Pre-game Outlook

The sagging Steelers -- with nowhere to go but the golf course -- travel to KC for a Saturday game with the Chefs, who are valiantly fighting for the AFC West division title.

There's no sense going into too much analysis. This is a "battle" between one team playing far better than most expected & fighting for a playoff spot; versus a team that, for the 2d year in a row, has basically rolled over and played dead.

KC's offense, though hardly a juggernaut, presents problems. WRs Alexander and Rison are capable of causing trouble. Starting RB Bennett is hurt, so ex-Steeler Bum Morris will tote the ball in his absence. If there is one team that Morris wants to clown, it's the Steelers, so expect Bum to run hard and with a vengeance.

The KC defense, though perhaps not as threatening as it was a few years ago, it still quite capable. That stat that impresses the heck out of me is their takeaways -- 39. That may not seem like many -- but consider that the Stillers have a whopping 22. With the careless nature of Mike Prozac both holding and throwing the ball, this could be disaster.

Also consider the crowd noise. This Steeler offense couldn't refrain from a pre-snap penalty if each players' life depended on it, so look for more slop to occur in 1 of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.

One interesting matchup will be Stiller WRs Troy Edwards and Kordell Stewart versus cagy vet DBs James Hasty & Chris Dish-head. I personally feel that both Troy and Korsmell can whip these DBs, but whether or not Mike Tomcack can deliver the pill is another story.

Cowher, still trying to save face by padding his record, will again refuse to play youngsters. It won't matter, as the Chefs will feast & win, 23-13.

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