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Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 21, 2005 by Still Mill

Ravens 16, Stillers 13 (OT)���
Ravens 16, Stillers 13 (OT) ���. Nov. 20, 2005 ����Game #10


Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers traveled to Baltimore to face the lowly Ravens, and the Stillers graciously stooped to the host's level with a colossal team stink, bowing out meekly in a 16-13 OT loss.




QB:With Benji Roth still on the mend, Tommy Saddox got the start and was absolutely appalling.He completed barely half his passes, and was scattershot the entire afternoon.�� Worse, The Moomy showed no pocket presence, getting stripped, getting sacked, and failing to spot open receivers.Even more worse, The Sadd Ox showed little field presence, burning 2 precious timeouts in the 2nd half with a combination of confusion and failure to keep track of the playclock.I won't go over each and every Maddox blunder -- it's far too sickening to regurgitate such gristle -- but there were some prominently poor moments.He foolishly allowed the ball to slip from his hand on a pump in the 1Q, which luckily was ruled an incomplete pass, but in all actuality was a dumbassed fumble.He underthrew a wide-open Ward on a deep up-route down the seam in the 2Q; the 32-yard gain would have been a long TD if Tommy Popgun had put some mustard on the pass.He wildly overthrew Miller on a seamer in the 2Q, which should have been an easy INT for Rolle, who dropped the ball.The INT off the foot of Ward was really a shabbily thrown pass that Ward was trying to make a circus catch of.The Mommy took a sack on 4th & inches in the 3Q, failing to throw the ball to either Miller or Kreider, both of whom were wide open.In OT, Carter dropped an easy INT on a horrific misfire by Saddox.�� Perhaps most hilarious was The Mommy, the slowest human being on the planet, trying to scramble for yardage on 3d & 17, which ended up about 9 yards short of the sticks.In all, one of the worst, barf-laden QB efforts from a veteran QB that I've ever seen in the NFL.For the life of me, I have no idea what Saddox is doing on the roster of a team that is supposedly gunning for a conference title.F.

RB:Parker got the start and was quiet in the 1st half, but turned it up in the 2nd half with a very good effort.He had 18 rushes for 59 yards, and 2 grabs for 22, including a sterling 11-yard TD in which he took a screen and made a sweet cutback to hit the open crease.Parker also had a superb RAC on a 3rd & 3 on the final play of the 3Q, gaining 17 yards on the play.Perhaps after these 2 aforementioned plays are reviewed by Ken WiseHunt, Parker will see passes thrown his way more than the token once-per-game safety valve dumpoff.Parker had a nice read on the 14-yard toss sweep in the 4Q, showing good patience.On the down note, Parker had a timid run on a toss sweep in the 3Q, meekly turning the ball into the penetrating defender for a 4-yard loss rather than turning on the burst and at least trying to get something positive around the corner.Doughboy Bettis was largely ineffective, carrying the ball twice for a whopping total of (hold your snickering, please) 0 yards.Worse, the Fat Tub o' Lard failed to pick up a blitzing Tommy Polley, who ran right by the The Doughboy en route to an 8-yard sack in the 2Q.Haynes had the obligatory SG draw for 0 yards, and had a very nice RAC effort on 17-yard pass play.��Staley did not dress.Park & Haynes = B-.��� Bettis = D.


FB: Kreider had 2 grabs for 14 yards, but also dropped a pass in the 2Q.The blocking was ok, but not dominant.B-.


WR:Ward led the way with 6 grabs for 81 yards.�� Hines was one of the very few Stillers that showed up with a game face and a full bottle of intensity, bowling over defenders and plowing for loads of RAC yardage.The 11-yard reception late in the 4Q was a case of Ward catching the 0-step hitch and then running over Rolle and getting OOB.In the 3Q, he had a superb juggling grab on 3d & 4 that netted 9 yards and sustained the drive.The only downer was the unfortunate and completely unintentional karate kick of a juggled ball that ended up being INT'd by Suggs late in the 4Q in Balt. territory.El chipped in with 4 grabs, including a 23-yard seamer in the 4Q.El also had a nice RAC on the WR screen, which netted 18 yards.Cedric had 1 grab for 25 yards, and then, of course, slipped and stumbled after a very short RAC.Morgan dropped a deep lob on the team's first drive, and was hit with a totally bullshit PI flag as well.B-.


TE:Miller had a decent day, snaring 5 passes for 37 yards.He'd have caught many more balls, but he was tasked to spend an inordinate amount of time pass blocking.Tuman played some, and did nothing. B+.


OL: Overall, the line was wretched.They allowed constant leakage on both running and passing plays.Trai Essex started at LT in place of Marvel Smith, and Trai was eaten alive like a tray of hors d'oeuvres.Suggs in particular tooled Essex constantly, and when Suggs wasn't inflicting abuse, Anthony Weaver was.I was appalled at how clumsy and oafish Essex was, especially after all the fawning over this pile o' shit by the local media "experts".The guy reminded me of a younger, slimmer version of Larry Tharpe.The rest of the line didn't pick up the pace with Smith out; instead, they wallowed around like pigs in shit.Every one of the starters, aside from the rookie Essex, was flagged for a false start, which is entirely inexcusable and embarrassing.�� The lowlight of their ineptitude was the failed succession of 3d & 1 and 4 & inches in the 3Q.C-.


DL:The D-line played okay, limiting Taylor and Lewis to only moderate success.Leading the way was Aaron Smith, who had a monster game after being all too quiet as of late.He played with a boatload of intensity and hustle, and was also credited with the FF that Lewis coughed up.Fat Casey had a superb penetration and grab of Boller on the 1st & goal plunge, which was initially ruled a fumbled pitch by Boller but then changed to a Hampton tackle and a 2-yard loss.This was unfortunate, as Hymes snared a TD pass 2 plays later, which was a huge 7-point change.Kimo chipped in with 5 solos, and Hoke, Keisel, and Kirschke all saw work in relief.�� B.


LB:Another mediocre showing from the LB crew.Kriewaldt got the mediocrity going early, whiffing on Lewis on the game's first play, resulting in a 6-yard gain on a sweep to the right.Porter had a good stack and stop of a Lewis plunge on the 1st drive.He was untouched around the RT of Balt. in the 4Q and whiffed on Boller, but Kimo was there for the stop and a 2-yard loss.Porter flailed and whiffed on Taylor's 5-yard run late in the 2Q.Porter also flailed on Green after a dumpoff near the s-line on the 1st play of the 2Q.Overall, Porter was fairly quiet and marginally effective.Haggans was also quiet at times, though he did turn the corner on Pashos and drop Bolller for a sizeable loss.Haggans clumsily slipped while covering Heap in the 2Q on 3d & 8, which allowed Heap to rumble for a 14-yard gain.Larry SlowaFoote had a marginal game.He was incredibly weak on a Taylor 1Q plunge, allowing 9 yards in the process.He was abused by Taylor on a 3d & 9 dumpoff in the 1Q, moving as slow as molasses while Taylor ran away for a 14-yard gainer and the first down.SlowaFoote was flagged for a critical 5-yard masking call in OT, which helped Balt. get into FG range.Foote did collect a Dong Sack when he came up the gut, untouched (thanks to a missed pickup by J. Lewis).Harrison got some work in relief, and his biggest contribution was to commit a dumbassed roughing-the-passer flag on a 3d & 4 pass that was stopped for 1 yard.This stupidity allowed the Ravens to continue their march, which culminated in a 1Q FG.Very little pass harassment and no impact plays by the LB crew, which was vastly disappointing.C-.


DB:The secondary faced a subpar QB and an average WR corps that has just 1 NFL caliber starter, but they had their struggles.Town had a nice pick in the 1Q, as well as a nice bust-up of a slant to Clayton in the 3Q.But he gave up a TD to Hymes for a crucial 2Q TD on 3d & goal at the 3; this wasn't as much a case of getting beaten as simply being too short to make a play on a highly thrown pass that the tall Hymes was able to snag.Hope had a nice slash and stuff of Taylor for a 4-yard loss in the 1Q.Ike gave up a fair amount of short and mid-range stuff, but had good coverage and a bust-up on the bomb to Clayton in the 1Q.He did allow Johnson to burst ahead and nearly haul in the deep bomb in the EZ in OT, but Johnson was unable to hold onto the fingertip attempt.On Taylor's 13-yard rumble to the Stiller 1 in the 2Q, Ike played paw-paw while Townsend got trucked.Very poor.Polamalu was active, but missed a half-dozen tackles with an assortment of flops.C+.


Spec teams:A wretched, pitiful disgrace by the entire ST elements.The KO and punt coverage was abysmal, including the 45-yard KO return after Reed's FG that set up Balt. for their 2Q TD drive, as well as a 14-yard PR that set up Balt. at their own 44 in OT, which they converted into the game-winning FG.Pis Gardocki punted like manure, kicking the ball as though it were filled with concrete, not air.Ric Colclough had the golden opportunity to down a punt inside the Balt. 1, but instead of tossing the ball backwards like you see happen all over the NFL and NCAA every weekend, the imbecile squeezed onto the ball and held it for dear life as though it was his first piece of ass, and his momentum carried him, and the ball, into the EZ for a touchback.This ranks up there as one of the most boneheaded plays I've ever seen in my years of watching the NFL.On the first punt in OT, the entire coverage team, like drunken derelicts, stood and watched as the punt hit and then rolled backwards, rather than downing the ball immediately in order to minimize lost yardage.The KOR and PR teams did nothing.Chidi was flagged for a personal foul during a punt return.McFadden was flagged, if you can believe it, on not 1, but 2 successive punt formations in OT for a false start.The lone bright spot was Reed, who nailed 2 FGs.�� D-.


OC:Ken CheezenHunt had a spotty day in which he blindly pulled from the grab bag with mostly poor results.The 3d & 3 on the 2nd series enraged me, as the moron went with a shotgun formation and ran the ol' SG draw to Haynes, netting all of 0 yards for a piece of the Gay Play o' the Day award. The other half of the award went to the El-led option play on 4th & inches.Rather than running a quick sneak behind Faneca and Hartings, Dumbass CheezenHunt gets cute and calls the option play, with was strung out for no gain.Having Heath Miller spend 40% of his day pass blocking was as asinine as it gets.Sure, the line needed help, but that's where you can use a Kreider or a Haynes in that role, as Miller's size, hands, and receiving ability demand that he be in the pattern 98% of the time.At least 1 of the 2nd half wasted TOs, if not 2, must be partially blamed on the Cheeze Hunt, who must have been slow or clumsy in his input of the playcall and personnel.Lastly, notice how many deep shots the Ravens took, and then review how few the Stillers took.Dinking and dumping with only a very rare stab at a moderate downfield pass, is a recipe for scoring 13 points. Cheezenhunt got what he apparently wanted -- 13 points in 70+ minutes of football against a defense missing its 2 best players.C-.


DC:Dick is still bedeviled on 3rd downs, giving up 7 of 20 to a Balt. offense that is among the bottom feeders of the NFL.�� Instead of imposing its will on offenses, the defense has been and is meekly playing "catch and react", which, given the extremely low caliber of the Balt offense, is grossly inexcusable.C.


HC:Cowhard allowed his team to come into this game as lax and flat as we've seen for quite some time.Few players wanted to hit; most wanted to only paw and grope.I can't recall the last time this Stiller team played an entire game with such little hitting, but it must have been in 2003.Cowhard is supposed to be some kind of ST guru, but his entire ST unit stunk out TeaBag Stadium today, and to add salt to the wound, his punt team was flagged for back-to-back false starts by the same player.One has to also wonder exactly what Cowhard saw, and sees, in Bomby Maddox, as the rest of the league and the general public see nothing but a bard-laden QB that has no business being on an NFL roster.Overall, the team played a not-to-lose style of football, which, combined with a meek, avoid-contact style of play, was a surefire recipe for defeat.You can be sure, though, that Cowhard will be quick and firm to spread the blame around to everyone but the man in the mirror.D.


Synopsis:There are few things more peeving and annoying than giving away a game to a vastly inferior team, which is exactly what the Stillers did in today's relatively boring defeat.We've all seen teams -- in many sports in addition to football -- valiantly rally around an injury and fight like rabid wolves. Instead, this team folded its tent and mailed in their effort, which is nothing short of shameful.Next up, on the road against the undefeated Indy Colts on MNF, which is a scary, horrifying proposition for this teetering ballclub.



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